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Montreal Windsurfing Spots
Pointe Claire Bay
Wind direction SW S
Parking good parking on site (church nearby so can fill up if there are weddings or services)
Rigging conditions Excellent, Lots of grass
Walk to launch Short, Large paved boat launch
Bottom condition sand
Current Not in bay, outside bay the current pulls to the East
launch difficulty easy, Need to walk out about 100 yards before starting when water is low (Walk straight out, rocks to your left)
Spot difficulty Beginers welcome
Bathrooms yes, nice facility East of the launch in the park
Water depth Most of bay is shallow except for West side
Waves nice bump and jump waves when wind is steady over 20 knots from SW or W when you clear the bay
obstacles rock wall sometimes submerged 15 feet north of lauch ramp.. Walk straight out.
Small reef 100 meters west of east point of bay (usually marked by locals) thanks JF :-)
Rocks near and jetting out from east point where church is
Nearby bar Clydes, Up the street in village
weeds Weed in shallows. Loose weed in water early and later in the seasons or if water level rises.
Spot notes A great place to learn. Starting to get crowded with kiters. Great jumping in seveveral spots. In the bay, near or just outside of reef, Near red bouy on outside or anywhere on the outside when the wind cranks.
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Cartier exit off Hwy 20, straight down to bord-du-lac (Lakeshore) Turn right then left at St-Joachim St, straight down to parking

Montreal Windsurfing Guide